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Try geneXplain‘s unique Upstream Analysis!
Applying the integrated promoter & pathway analysis implemented in the geneXplain platform, you will discover unanticipated causal relationships in your data.

Systems Biology


The geneXplain platform is a rich toolbox supporting numerous statistical and bioinformatic tasks.

Any non-expert can start right away to analyze own NGS or gene expression data and generate exciting hypotheses.

With a few mouse-clicks, genome variations can be checked for their functional relevance.

Check your sequences for their regulatory potential with the TRANSFAC® database!

gXp platform
The geneXplain platform brings systems biology down to earth!

Try our proprietary "upstream analysis" concept. It works optimally with the databases TRANSFAC® and TRANSPATH® databases.

Integrate your own scripts, and combine them with other tools to complex workflows.

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Or check out the platform's look-and-feel without any registration.

gXp platform
PASS and PharmaExpert efficiently assess biological activities of chemical compounds, GUSAR generates quantitative structure-activity relation models. A number of pre-computed QSAR models are available.

The 2014 releases of PASS and PharmaExpert are available, with a significantly extended range of possible predictions!

PASS PharmaExpert GUSAR